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Gold membership is gone on the website

iOS still shows me as a Gold Member, although the website does not and I am unable to open a support ticket because of it. My subscription on Paypal was created on Oct 13th and for some unknown reason cancled on Nov. 8th. I had paid for the year so I did not think anything about it. Now the website says I am a basic member.

Please help

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I have make a ticket for this issue.

I also upgraded to Gold Member but i am not able to open a support ticket?


You only can create a support ticket if you log-in MyRoute-app, go to 'Support' and click on 'Create a new ticket'.

I am loged in, and a Gold member but cannot create a new ticket - it just says (as another member mentioned) that "only Gold members can have this support"! Come on My Route App, please sort this out, and re-instate Street View on the maps. Without street view for planning motorcycle routes, it becomes pretty useless for me!

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