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The developments are occurring rapidly in MyRoute-app. From now you can also archive your driving routes and tracks in folders and organize them. And all in the cloud! So you have Internet access to your PC or laptop with your own route archive. This is very convenient and it works like this:

  1. Go to your profile and then to your routes; 
  2. At the top right you see a blue button: + New; 
  3. Click on the button, then you have three choices: Map, Route, Route (upload): 
  4. Route is to start a new route, Route (upload) to upload a route, click on 'Map'; 
  5. Give the folder a name, choose privacy mode and click on the blue button 'Create'; 
  6. Folder appears in the list of routes; 
  7. Now you can drag routes to the map using 'drag and drop'; 
  8. Each Folder can be subdivided into subdirectories; 
  9. To delete a folder, click on the cross on the right in the list, but remember to first drag the routes from the folder into another folder, otherwise you will lose them; 
  10. In this way, you can archive all your routes and neatly organize them in your own private cloud, enjoy!

This functionality is also suitable for basic users, and it is free! We try to offer you as many features for free. But you can support us by purchasing a Gold membership, the more Gold subscriptions, the more and faster we can develop and everyone will enjoy a better product!
Thank you in advance. 

Click on the video clip below to watch a visual explanation. Only in Dutch, sorry, but believe me, you do not want to hear my English, German or French.

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I have recently become a Gold member and I have created both past and future routes on the web-site.

I have also created some ‘Groups’ and ‘Folders’. I thought that I should be able to find these items when I use the app on my Android but I do not. Is it just that I have not found them?

The reason for my question is that I would find it convenient to have a folder for a specific weekend-trip where I can have the suitable routes without having to browse through all my routes under Start (Main Menu).

If possible – I would like to see the following under Main menu: Start (with sub-menu: Routes / Folders / Groups) / Activities / My favorites / You’re using…

By having sub-menus under Start, it would reduce the time and effort to search for the wanted route.  

One possibility to move the interesting routes to the top of the list under Start, is to update them before I start the trip. But I do not find this method attractive.

Anyone with a solution?  

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