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GPX file - is there a differance betweeen IoS and Windows?

When I import a gpx file created on a macBook in MyRouteApp to TomTom My Drive Connect on my Windows laptop it always says there's an error and does not import.

If I save these waypoints, sent by a friend to my version of MRApp, and recreate the route, save it as a gpx file, it works fine when importing to my Tom Tom unit.

Is the gpx file saved differently in iOS than in Windows?

tks - patrick

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No, the gpx file is the same.

I think you have made the route in MyRoute-app with the Google Maps map.

Google Maps is much more detailed as the TomTom map in MyDrive.

So, maby you get an error because MyDrive can not read the files because don't regognize some roads.

Advice is upgrade to GOLD and use the TomTom map, that's the same map as in MyDrive.

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