Search, find and add POI to your route!

We’re proud to present you an important new MyRoute-app functionality in this newsletter. From now on you can find a POI and add it to your route with a few clicks. POI stands for 'point of interest', and signifies useful places. Useful places for motorcyclists include gas stations, hotels and mountain passes. Millions of POI are now available in MyRoute-app Web...

We can’t guarantee that all of the POI that we offer always and everywhere are accurate, because we are dependent on third-party information. What we can guarantee is that the MyRoute-app user now has to his availability the most comprehensive and most up-to-date POI file which can be found on the Internet. And, also important, it's super easy and fun to work with, just read along:

  1. Go to your profile and then to your routes, or go to route lab and afterwards to '+ Start a new route'; 
  2. Either open an existing route or create a new route; 
  3. Click on the left side below tracks on ‘Search POIs’, a list of POI categories will appear;  
  4. On top of the list you'll see a blue field with the text 'Zoom Map to load';  
  5. Zoom in on the map step by step until the blue field turns green and the text is changed to 'Select POI'; 
  6. Now you can check the desired POI, please don't check all of them at the same time, the more POI, the slower the loading process; 
  7. After checking them, you can immediately see the POI appear in the map as blue icons; 
  8. If you click on a POI icon on the map, a pop-up window will appear, in this pop-up window you can click on + to add the POI to your route as route point. You can also click on the magnifying glass to zoom in. In hotels, bed and breakfasts and hostels you can click on the 'bed icon' to locate the item and to directly make reservations. How much easier could it be? 
  9. Remove the check sign, then the POI in the map will disappear; 
  10. This is the basis, at a later stage you can not only add POIs as a route point but also export them as separate POI file to your GPS, very handy if you're working with tracks! Enjoy!

Hi Michel. Is it possible to add missing POIs? There are several Motorcycle Repair shops local to me that are not shown as POIs.


No on this moment, we make an 'add personal POI' later on.

First some other big implementations.

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I too hope you have time to get to the POI adding feature some time soon. I'd like to add a list/class of POIs of my own, that could be seen as a class among the other classes. These might even be public to create value for other users as well.

it takes some time, first we are working on a major app update.

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Does this program have curvy route app

Yes, for Gold users:


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