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I have been an enthusiastic user of Tyre for a few years and then the Tomtom died, and I discovered the replacement no longer supports the Itinerary function.  Then MyRoute appeared,and I thought my prayers were answered.  Unfortunately.................

I have to say it isn't user friendly.  I can create routes, but have been unable to get them on to the sat nav. The pane that appears to instruct me to log on to MyDrive doesn't work - I know its not my problem 'cos I can log on separately.  I can put in email and password, but it doesn't recognise them. 

I then discovered MyRoute-app  -  but it appears I only get that is I upgrade, and I'm not prepared to do that as I've no idea if it'll all work for me when I do.

All very disappointing,I really liked Tyre, but the replacement so far hasn't lived up to my hopes.

Hm! Re-reading that I think I was a bit overly negative. - probably frustration ;'cos I wasn't winning.  I'm still not winning, so I'll give up for a while!!
I've read all of the manuals. I still can't find one fundamental piece of information.  I can create routes.  I can upload routes - but nowhere can I find any instruction on how to load them on to the Tomtom. It was all so easy with Tyre when the satnav was visible as a drive on the pc.  Can someone tell me in a few words how one gets routes on to the device?


If you are basic user: save the file on your PC and copy/paste the file to your TomTom.

If you are Gold user: click on 'Export' and follow the instructions.

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