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Basic vs Gold. Why should I upgrade?

I can't seem to find a list of features, or difference between Basic and Gold. Why should I upgrade? What do I get if Upgrade?

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was going to upgrade to Gold but keeps saying I need a wider screen, I have an iPhone 6.

I don't understand as I have tomtom on the phone already. please explain.

I want to record a route with your app then transfer it to tomtom rider pro to guide me.

Our web application currently is for computers and tablets only. Mobile devices can't currently take the resolution needed to run the web application smoothly, there for a message like yours pops up. Our team is working on a mobile version of our web application. I can't give an estimate on when it will be done.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support 

I was curious as well about what I get for buying the upgrade I could not get to the pricing page it keeps taking me to the activities page. I was looking because it appears that when I move a trip to the app on my phone that I don't get turn by turn verbal directions just the screen. And wondered if I have to buy the upgrade to get sound.

Hi John Wade,

I have an alternate way for you to access the Pricing page. Make sure to read all the steps first because it involves logging out:

1. Log out from MyRoute-app (top right of the screen> click your name> click log out)

2. Scroll down a little to the section called 'What does MyRoute-app offer you?'

3. Click 'More information' 

4. On the new page scroll down a little and click on any of the blue 'Pricing' buttons to take you to the pricing page.

how can you export route to usb using basic

You can save your route as a GPX. Then you can drag and drop this file to the right folder on your sat nav :)

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