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Viewing waypoints only?


Thanks for your great application Tyre which I have used a fair bit and RouteApp where I bought the Gold Lifetime subscription but have not used it very much at all yet.

Given that my paid Tyre subscription is almost over I thought I'd better have a closer look at MyRoute-app.

I have a question which may have an answer elsewhere but I can not find it.  With MyRoute-app is it possible to view a route without the route iejust view the waypoints?  I wish to record where I have been in my Scotland trip last year without necessarily seeing the route I may have taken to get there (which I did not actually take).



The most beautifull is that you can record the track with MyRoute-app Mobile, make photo's on your hotspots, give it a description.

That you can see back in your profile.

I'm seeking to use the application if possible to keep a map of where I've been rather than where I may go in the future.  So I have imported an existing route eg.  Is it possible to add photos to an existing route.  Thanks Jeff


No, you can only add photo's on a track you have already ride.

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