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itn to gpx -how

I've just received a route for a group drive out, it has come as an itn file on an email but I have a garmin and need to change the file type - I cannot see this on any of the page buttons

You can upload the itn file (Routlab > Route uploaden).

If necessary, edit the route, preferably in the Here map.

Export to your Garmin with the Connector or save the route as .gpx and copy to the Garmin.

When I try to save a route I created as a .gpx file, I get a .bin file which I'm unable to use with my Garmin ZUMO. Please help!

Hi Dale,

That is unfortunate to hear. Does the same error occur when saving your file using a different internet browser?

I've been using Firefox for years. How could this cause my problem?

It's more a matter of excluding the possibility of your Firefox security/app/other protocols from interfering with MyRoute-app :)

Using another browser means we can know for sure whether or not Firefox is causing the issues.

You're correct, I was successful using Chrome! Will MRA be updated to work using Firefox?

I use chrome , and GPX file is distorted on garmin 350, straight lines.

So far no answer.

Have you tried the following article from our solutions page Longin?:

Straight lines in Garmin

Google "ITN Converter".

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