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MyRoute app versus Tyre

As a fan of Tyre I am trying to get to like MyRoute app.  Things I don't like so far are that the pointer to insert a waypoint is a very imprecise grabby hand (which I can't find any way to change until it is a waymark and it is then possible to site it more accurately ) It is very easy to accidentally insert a waypoint with a single click, so that when using a tablet which obviously has a touchscreen, I often find that when I touch the map to try to pan, or zoom in,  it wants to insert a waypoint.

It would be nice to be able to hide the Waypoints sidebar when mapping to give a larger screen area for mapping and ideally all the header titles (Activities, Route Lab, Profile etc) to give more room on smaller screens.  (This has been mentioned in 'Hide/unhide Friends Sidebar').

In Tyre, I like the ability to calculate time/distance of sections of a route, which doesn't seem to be possible in MyRoute-app.

In Tyre, I like being able to organise my routes into folders - I believe you are working on this in MRA

In MRA I like the option of using Here maps, so hopefully the route will be accurately reproduced by my Garmin.

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