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Route plotted is not the same as Garmin displays.

I have a Garmin 590LM.

I produced a route on Myroute app (brilliant and easy!) and saved it to TYRE. 

The route had plenty of waypoints included to pull the route onto the roads I wanted to travel.

However when I exported the route from TYRE to my Garmin, the Garmin recalculated the route and ignored all my waypoints.

Have I got some settings wrong?

I recommend directly exporting your routes made in MRA to your Garmin instead of using TYRE in between. Could you test to see if this fixes the issue?

I have exactly the same issue as Andy Sales, in exporting my routes to my Garmin Zumo and/or BMW Nav.  I have exported my routes directly using the MRA Export tool and the route is shown pictorially on the device.  But the Garmin simply recalculates the route for me on what appears to be start and finish point criteria, rather than the selected route I wish to ride.  

Any ideas or fixes gratefully accepted!  With thanks in anticipation.   

Same issue, any help out there?

Hi Kevin,

I recommend reading the following article on how to export/use routes correctly on Garmins:

The original reasoning for this article was straight line issues. However the article also seems to fix similar issues to this threat. 

Exactly the same  exporting to my tomtom rider. the route is canged. Why?

Same here with my Nav 5

Altered in which way? It is always recommended to navigate based on the 'Track' file of your .gpx. This file contains no waypoints, making it impossible for your sat nav to calculate an alternative route.

With my Navigator V i have too save my route as .gpx1.0, not .gpx1.1

I don't know why, but gpx1.1 files only makes straight lines on mye GPS unit. 

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for sharing your experience, it is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens 
Customer support.

I have exactly the same issue as Thomas Hansen, above.  When I export a route as .gpx1.1 and import it into my NAV V GPS I get the following:

  1. no way points are shown
  2. Start and Stop points only
  3. Basically straight lines on the map display
When I export the route as a .gpx1.0 I get a normal route with the waypoints that I created, and the route follows the roads as I intended.  This the same whether I use the "Export" function or do a "save as" for the .gpx file.

Any thoughts?



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I have tried this a couple of times now, and there is now way that .gpx1.1 work on a garmin 590! No matter what i do... But .gpx1.0 works every time :-) Keep up the good work guys 

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Christian Orie provided the same link. It wasn't helpful then either. Please read my early post, it is very clear.  


I have the same problem and wrote this before seeing the previous comments. I own a Garmin Zumo 660LM and I'm having trouble getting it to follow routes I've sent to it. The device always takes the quickest route no matter how I set it. I have also disabled the reroute option to no effect. The only way I get it to follow the route is to turn off GPS and simulate the route. The problem then is if I get caught in traffic the simulation goes ahead of me or if I want to start the route at a different location I have to wait for the simulation to catch up. I have used Base Camp (I'm now a rocket scientist), Tyer and MRA. All of them exports the routes fine and i can view them in their orignal state but as soon as I come to navigate them they change. Any theories? I'm going to try the exporting GPX 1.0 and see if that helps.
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