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Cant import int or gpx route on to Tom-tom 400


I have used previously the TYRE software and managed to create routes and upload to my TomTom rider 400 successfully.

I have now upgraded to the Myroute app and paid for lifetime membership.

I can create a route successfully but, it will not allow my to export from my Mac to the TomTom device as safari will not recognise any support connector tool.  I have also tried to transfer the the downloaded route as an ITN or a GPX file direct to the micro SD card, but once the SD card is placed in the Tom-tom device it recognises that there are new routes but will not import them at all.

Can you help please


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Hi Andrew, 

I've noticed that you've also submitted a ticket on this matter. Therefore i'll be helping you other further in the ticket and will be closing the forum topic.

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