Display multiple routes at once, filtering 'Activities' based on country, color options for tracks, downloading and mailing GPX (1.1) and the TomTom 'error 400' tool

MyRoute-app values the vast amount of feedback we get on a daily base from our users. Thanks to your feedback, we can proudly announce the following new features:

Display multiple routes at once

You are now able to display multiple routes at once by following these steps:

1. Click on Route lab

2. Select 'Upload route file'

3. In the left collom of your screen you will find a new tab named 'Routes' Select this tab and click on 'Add'

4. You can now select an extra route to be displayed on your screen.

Additionally, you can select a new color for the displayed routes by clicking the square underneath the route.

Filtering 'Activities' based on country

Our user base reported their wishes for a more personalized Activities. Our first step in achieving this goal is delivering a filtering system based on country. We believe that by allowing our users to filter Acvtivities by country, users will get to see more tracks that are cathered to their needs. You can always set the filter to 'Display all countries'.

Color options for tracks

Described earlier at 'Display multiple routes at once', users can now adjust the color of some sections of MyRoute-app. Users can now also adjust the color of their tracks by clicking the colored square that is located underneath your current track in the 'Tracks' section on the left of your screen.

Downloading and mailing GPX (1.1)

In this new update, users can now also mail and download GPX (1.1) files! Previously only GPX 1.0 had this functionality.

TomTom 'error 400' tool

A more common error in the TomTom map is 'error 400'. In our newest update we have made a tool available for our users that encounter error 400. This new tool will scan each of your waypoints in order to find out which waypoint is causing the error.

That wraps up our newest MyRoute-app update. Please tell us what you think, and we greatly apreciate aditional feedback provided by you!

I can not find the settings buttoon or the  queue button where are they

I'm new to your app, and am 'playing' with the free app with a view to upgrading to gold as soon as I'm convinced that the app is for me! 

When I first saw the 'add' route I thought my dreams had been answered...... but not quite it seems :(

I have three routes that I want to 'knit together' - all 3 have multi-way points as recorded by my biketrac journey, and now reside in my myroute-app files no problem.

However, whenever I 'add' the 2 routes they only add as google-map routes, and have lost all of their waypoints! Is this a) a software shortcoming, or b) user error, or c) something that is only available to 'Gold' users?

Can someone let me know if it's a, b, or c please? Thanx

I like the idea of adding multiple routes to same map. When I'm trying it I can add the routes but they are not saved so when I open the route again the extra routes are gone. Is this happening to everybody else too..?

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