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editing Tracks


I created a track but I made a few wrong turns on the way, is there a way to edit out the mistakes so the track in activities is clean?

You can click the 'use as route' button on the top right to convert a track into a route. This unlocks editing capabilities. Tracks themselves however can not be edited. 

Ok thanks. I don't suppose you can turn a route back into a track???

No, this won't work the other way around :(

Thanks Christian

I can however add that exporting the route as a "GPX" will create a track file based on your routefile. It is however a shadow of your route file, not an actual 'tracked' track. I know that sounds confusing, but it's how the system works :p

How do i edit a route i have made,for instance changing the starting point or adding a detour half way through the route?
iI'm quite new to this so can you tell me what the differance is between creating a route and a track


Hi Douglas

I'm fairly new too.

Once you've started a track you can't change anything, seemingly.

What I do if there is somewhere specific I want to ride, is create a route download that to sygic, follow that route and track it at the same time. If you go off the route, I seem to do this a lot!! you can get back on route but the tracking records your mistake and theres nothing you can do but start again!

The difference between the two is tracking is real time "recording"  of the route so the track follows you. and route is pre planned so you follow it, basically.

when you get your head round it it works quite well, but it would be good to iron out the mistakes you make on track. Y

You can correct these mistakes if you make your track a route, then change whatever you want by changing start points and way points

but you can't change it back to a track, so the only thing would be to go out, follow that route and track it at the same time.

If there is a simpler way someone please let us know

Hi Douglas and Crispey,

Let me start by saying; yes Crispey there is a far more easy way. You can save/export your file as a GPX. This file type (from our site), contains both a route and a track file. You can find the track file in your GPX by simply selecting the file with 'track' in front of it inside of your sat nav. You can also of course choose to upload the GPX in routelab as a track file. 

The reason you can simply edit track files is because this is simply not how track files work. These files work as a 'gps-breadcrump' of sorts. Making it unable to be editted as a track. You first have to make it into a route file. This then allows our routecalculator to draw a track-line over your MRA route. 

And Douglas, like Crispey mentioned; it's only possible to 'create' a routefile since this is the only edittable file type. Tracks are non edittable. Be sure to visit our 'solutions' page to learn more about MyRoute-app. This page has a vast collection of manuals on how to properly use MRA. You can get there by going to the Support page> clicking 'Solutions'

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i have made a route up and i would like to add more waypoints at junctions roundabouts etc ..for example if my route ends on waypoint number 20 and i try to put in extra waypoints say between number 10 and 11 it makes the next waypoint number 21! so totally confusing the sat nav.
 also how do i add  points of interest to an existing route i have created?
thanks Dougie


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Hey Dougie

You might do better to start a new thread as this one is for tracks and not routes and it might confuse matters.

I've got to get up your way and do some of your routes

Cheers Crispey..i've remembered how to make extra waypoints now using the wee red circle!  i've updated all my routes now so hopefully they should be ok now,  i'll have to experament with the points of interest now!..yes you will have to get up here for a holiday,you can't go wrong with any of the routes on the west coast i just love it over there


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