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published track - only lnght in statistics


It's my first post here, hello everybody! :-)

I've uploaded a few tracks from my last trip. The problem is that in statistic visible is only the lenght of the track and other data like dates, duration, maks and min height are missing...

I'm using TomTom RIDER 410.

What is the reason of this situation and how can I avoid this in the future?



Tracks generally don't contain additional information like height, duration etc. Tracks are a collection of 'GPS' breadcrumbs so to speak. Therefore MRA is not able to get any more information out of them unfortunately. 

You can however convert the track into a route (Click 'Use as route'). This will allow MRA to addopt the track into it's routecalculation which in turn enables information like dates, duration, maks and min height. Please try it out :)!

Secondly, welcome to the forums! Feel free to submit more questions/feedback whenever you feel like it.

Hello, I have TT410 as well and when I import the track from this device (GPX format) to for example Garmin or Strava web site, I have informations of the elevation as well, average speed and much more informations. Than it is possible to display these informations as well.

Info is for developers of this site, I forgot to write, that it is possible to add this possibility to your site.

It is difficult to import from all apps, we have our own track app, and that's perfect to use onm this site (of course).

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