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No Street View

Where has Street View gone in Google maps? It's such an important feature for planning motorcycle routes>

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I thought it was me missing something...but no...I can't see street view either!?

No Street View - No MyRoute App! Would make it useless for me and motorcycle route planning. I think I would be wanting a refund on lifetime membership if it's not re-instated.

Found the same this morning.....submitted a ticket on it as when I first realised I didn't find any other comments about the issue. Will see what comes back. Would be a shame to lose it as for motorbike routes especially its massively useful and the rest of the site is so good.´s indeed a great feature so...let's wait, I´m sure they'l fixit!

It is a great feature, and to be honest, the main reason I use the App for motorcycle route planning. I hope it's just an error in the new update, and not something that has been deliberately removed. Are you guys able to create a new ticket about this, as I seem to be unable to. It also looks like this inability to create a ticket is since the new update!

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yes hopefully it's something they will fix soon!


The programmer is workin on it.

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