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Updates to web app Route display

Good update to route display, use of tabs, map type selection, location input by lat long & current location, all good.

But - (you were expecting this)...

1: Map scale indicator now missing.

2: In the 'Route Information' what does 'Publish route' do?

On my route planner it is all in English except for the search which is in Dutch (I assume it's Dutch)



Hello Derek,

What do you mean with map scale indicator?

Publish to Activities.

Which search do you mean, I see an English search.


It wasn't in English yesterday! I did upload a picture but it seems to have gone missing!



"What do you mean with map scale indicator?"
This wasn't me, it was Gwallter Rixon



Yesterdays screenshot attached, I have tried three times to insert it in this comment but it doesn't show up.
You will see that everything is in English except the search. The search is in English today though.


(71.4 KB)

In the lower right corner of the map there was a short bar with a distance figure (500m , 2Km etc) above it to indicate the current scale of the displayed map.

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The "find a place" and the + and - scaling buttons are gone.

I see the scale indicator is back, botom left corner now.

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