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Harley Infotainment System

Hi all. 

I'm wondering if anyone else on here uses MyRoute-app on the GPS system built in to the Harley Infotainment system. 

I've tried the Harley Ride Planner and really don't find that accurate or easy to use. It's also not good on a mobile device such as my tablet for planning routes when I'm on the road and not able to use my Windows laptop.

Garmin BaseCamp has some real limitations, and again doesn't help when I'm on the road.

So I'm looking at MyRoute-app. It looks good so far, but I've not had chance to chcck yet how well the Harley system works with MyRoute-app generate routes.

Does anyone have any experience please?



John Parry. 
The GPS in the Harley Infotainment system easily allows you to miss next waypoint if you've taken a different route round it.

On the right hand side of the map screen is an icon (three lines in a curved-sided button) which opens a menu on screen. The 2nd choice on that menu is "Miss Next Waypoint". This will recalculate the route for you. 

Job done - see images below




John Parry,

As I understand it, you're having a problem when you take a new road during a route and your GPS keeps wanting you to go back to the waypoint(s) you missed by doing that?

Are you using a Garmin handlebar GPS, or are you using the 2014 or newer Infotainment system?

In the meantime, maybe Daniel with MRA can chime in on this, but I think what you'll have to do is stop somewhere, cut off your infotainment system, and restart the route from where you are at, with your next nearest waypoint you have to go thru out in front of you yet.  I don't know of a way to override the system by telling it you want to take a detour.  I could be wrong, but in effect, you need to "restart" the route by telling the system to take you thru the next waypoint on the route that you plan to go thru.

This isn't an MRA shortcoming, it's an Infotainment one.  Lord knows there are plenty of them to work thru!

Write us back, one way or the other.



Check out this thread here on MRA.  MRA has been a big help to us Harley owners.  You'll have to read thru all 3 pages of the thread, but I think you'll learn a lot by doing that:

No one I've ever talked to cares for the Harley Ride Planner, and everyone I talk to about MRA likes it way better.  There are many of us on who are using the free version of MRA and it's been working well for us.

Write back if you have problems or questions still.  MRA is quick to help.

I'm loving MyRoute App for the HD system, but how do I get around the missed waypoint issue. if I take a different route past a waypoint it keeps trying to direct me back. Very annoying and actually dangerous at times. I basically end up stopping the nav and entering my next stop manually.

Anybody have any fixes for this or am I doing something wrong?

I belong to and several of us are now using MyRoute-app, as the HOG Ride Planner just wasn't that great.  We have found that the BoomBox nav system will accept GPX 1.0 or 1.1 files, and also that the more waypoints you use, the better chance you have of the GPS not taking you "for a ride" to somewhere you didn't want to go.  One example would be to put waypoints both before and after changes of road/highway as in a turn.  

Thanks Nigel.

I was using Tyre some time ago but found that there was some incompatibility with the Harley system that left waypoints on the bike system which could not be deleted other than by performing a factory reset. 

That left me using Harley Ride Planner and getting increasingly frustrated with it. The GPS would route between waypoints differently than Ride Planner and Ride Planner would not allow waypoints to be placed very precisely - behaviour I've learned how to deal with in the absence of anything better.

So, now I'm looking at MyRoute and am very impressed so far. I like the route planning features on the laptop, the ability to see how the routes will look on different systems, the ability to compare multiple routes (including reversed routes) etc. and route management facilities.

I do generally plan routes before I leave on a trip. The reason I want something to run on a tablet is to give me the ability to change routes when, for instance, you get some local knowledge on different roads that are great to ride. MyRoute looks like it's going to give me the flexibility to do that.

Time to get some test routes planned - and I may need to get out on the bike to try the routes out too 



MyRouteApp using the GOLD system on a laptop is already better than anything else out there in terms of Route creation where you need to produce something for both TomTom and Garmin. It really is impressive.

The basic version is good too - but limited. However, you will always have the same issues as everyone else does when creating a route on one system and using it on another.

Rather than list here have a read of this thread which answers your question on experiences:

If you consider all the points made there then you *should* have few problems with laptop planning......

Not aware of anything that is great for planning on a tablet though. Get it done before you leave! 

And you're right - HD Trip Planner is rubbish!

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