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Feedback MyRoute-app Navigation

Good afternoon all,


Here you will be able to post all your feedback about the MyRoute-app Navigation. I will do my best to answer all your questions in a timely manner.


Kind regards, Anthony Fens Customer Support MyRoute-app.

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I posted a ticket asking lots of questions about the new Navigation App 4 days ago but no reply so far. I'm guessing you want to keep it a secret. However if you want members to commit to pre-sale, I think we would like some more information and screen shots of the app in action. Most app purchases allow for a trail period before payment to see if it meets your needs. Payment up front for an unknown quantity is asking a little to much. So how about an in depth article to entice us all.

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Good Afternoon Peter, 

Just responded to the ticket, apologies for the delayed reaction it was not intentional, just a very busy time currently. 

I hope you found the information I provided satisfactorily, 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.

Does the app support traffic and suggested route options to avoid traffic. Hopefully you can answer before the deadline tomorrow and I can make a decision on purchase. Cheers.
Using Galaxy S8+ had the application open with a route and a notification in the drop down bar on the top of the phone to take the next left.  Exited the program but the notification is still in the panel at the top of the phone but no longer in the program.  When I click on the notification it takes me back to open the program.  Only way to remove the notification was to clear the setting for notifications.


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