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Navigation Display for Roundabouts

I am hoping this is planned, as it doesn't show it. So on navigation when coming up to a roundabout, the top status bar doesn't show which exit you need, in the UK, especially Basingstoke there are a load of roundabouts and getting into the correct lane before your on the roundabout is crucial, at the moment, you have to keep watching the screen until you can see what exit you need to take

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Agree with you Sarah this is a must have feature. From what I have seen so far I think it is early days in the development. The navigation user interface has to equal and better Sygic otherwise there is little reason in using the app. I'm sure the developers know this. Not tried it yet waiting for English version. Watching the screen until you can see what exit you need is highly dangerous. 

For what it is worth I think the roundabout icon in Sygic navigation UI is too small. I also think the distance to turn, speed limit and actual speed are also too small. For me on a motorbike the crucial UI navigation elements need to be big and clear. You cannot afford the time to look on a bike.

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Roundabout icon arrows rotate anticlockwise. Not a good plan for the UK where we go around roundabouts in a clockwise direction. Could be very confusing for any European drivers coming over to the UK.

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