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Navigation User Interface

Used app to test navigating today using my ancient iPhone 4s. Some issues see separate thread. However I have some feedback on the navigation UI. I think the map is too cluttered with unnecessary icons. All the icons in the map area restrict the view of the map. ( 6 selectable items) Once navigating there should be only one button to press, pause navigating bottom right. As its against the law and highly dangerous to interact with any navigation device when moving this would make sense. Once navigation is paused then all those other menu buttons could become visible for user interaction including an extra one to stop navigating and return to main menu. This would have the benefit to keep the navigation screen clear and simple and stop users interacting with menu items whilst moving. Big safety feature.

The top and bottom of the screen displays information that is nice and big and clear except speed. Speed needs to be much bigger.

I know my iPhone 4s screen is small but I think the above comments on making a UI clutter free whilst navigating is equally valid on a bigger and better screen phone. 

Please don't take this as being too critical I'm trying to give helpful user feedback.

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Hi, yes agree that too much screen is taken up with the information bars. This on my iPhone 5. If as suggested most of this info is somehow hidden until requested, would make screen reading a lot clearer. Cheers, bob.
I agree. Could it be that as soon as the vehicle moves - say above 5mph- all the buttons in screen hide themselves? The tracking start and right hand buttons are useless when the vehicle is moving (it is illegal in uk to touch screen when vehicle moving) and they are too small to touch with bike gloves anyway. Mucj better ro have clean screen only showing navigation map and larger distance to next junction. Thanks

The problem I see David of 'menu button hiding' being speed related is that the phone may be used by a passenger. I think the simpler solution is just to have a discrete menu button which opens a menu page. Then you would have lots of room to display the menu items and add more as the app develops. 

I have now upgraded my ancient iPhone 4s for a lovely iPhone 8 Plus. Interesting comparing the UI between the two. I standby my initial comments on UI navigation being too complicated. On the bigger and better screen on my new 8 Plus the cluttered menu items still interfere with the navigation. I would love to see a clean interface showing just map, speed limit, speed, junction icon, distance to turn given prominent position within the UI. Other elements such as ETA, time to destination and distance to destination can be more discrete.

What do others think ?

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