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Deleting and Creating Routes

From main menu select 'Route planning'

Route collection page lists routes. However there appears to be no way of deleting routes.

Select '+' to add a new route takes you to New Route page.

When you select settings icon ( righthand icon looks like a sprocket ) you are taken to  Route Settings page. The only way of leaving this page is by selecting 'Done'. This creates a new route every time. Even if the name of route is the same you get multiple routes. This page needs a 'Back' button to get you out of page and back to 'New Route page' without creating a route.

Been playing got about 10 new routes listed haha. Can only delete these from the web app.

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This is already handled by the MyRoute-app phone app. Either the integration between this and the Navigation app should be improved (and delete the route editing functions from the Navigation app) or 

the MyRoute-app functions should be copied complete into the Navigation app.

You can create a route offline but then need to go online and open another app to delete it ! Thats bonkers. 

When you create a new route you cannot name it. So you get a list of routes all called "New Route"

How to simply delete a route from your routes list both public & private.
There doesn't appear to be any simple way to delete routes.
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