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Deleting and Creating Routes

From main menu select 'Route planning'

Route collection page lists routes. However there appears to be no way of deleting routes.

Select '+' to add a new route takes you to New Route page.

When you select settings icon ( righthand icon looks like a sprocket ) you are taken to  Route Settings page. The only way of leaving this page is by selecting 'Done'. This creates a new route every time. Even if the name of route is the same you get multiple routes. This page needs a 'Back' button to get you out of page and back to 'New Route page' without creating a route.

Been playing got about 10 new routes listed haha. Can only delete these from the web app.

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This is already handled by the MyRoute-app phone app. Either the integration between this and the Navigation app should be improved (and delete the route editing functions from the Navigation app) or 

the MyRoute-app functions should be copied complete into the Navigation app.

You can create a route offline but then need to go online and open another app to delete it ! Thats bonkers. 

When you create a new route you cannot name it. So you get a list of routes all called "New Route"

How to simply delete a route from your routes list both public & private.
There doesn't appear to be any simple way to delete routes.
I’ve had similar problem. Trying to delete but keep creating routes.
Solved: To delete a route on my iPad in my Route Nav select the page where you can see all your routes and slide on the route to be deleted from right to left then tap delete.
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