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I have an issue with this as there does not appear to be any way of redirecting the download to an SD card.  The files are many and substantial and I only have 16GB of storage.  It is all very well to say that this is an Android problem but a fundamental and differentiating feature of the applications is the ability to use it off-line.  This ability depends on being able to store off-line maps.  If Android cannot do this effectively then the application is fundamentally flawed.

In addition there is a question regarding identifying the offline maps downloaded.  Quite sensibly after you download a map it becomes available again for download but how can you identify the maps already downloaded - is there a list and where are they stored?

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found the same issue.  I have already downloaded the offline maps that I require, no idea where they were stored but would like to store them on my sd card as well.

Having now gone back into the app i see that the maps are available for download again, are they still on my phone or do I need to download them again??


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Yes, I have IPhone 5, downloaded a Canadian map for a forthcoming trip, but don't know how to get at it to check it out. Maybe it just comes on when the circumstances are right? Be good to know whether it's there or not. Bob.

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Similar here, map has been downloaded but can't seem to access it offline. The only route I managed to set was done online. Jim
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