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Scale of map

I've been using the navigation app alongside my Tomtom Rider and I'm finding your app to be very difficult to read. The scale of the map is too small, I do not need to see such a large area of map and would prefer a larger scale. The Tomtom road is about 3 times larger than your road and junctions, instructions and information are a lot clearer to read because of the scale. It's already been mentioned in another topic but I'll mention the U.I. (user interface) again, it needs uncluttering and buttons need to be more glove friendly. You're all doing a good job though - keep up the good work 
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+1 Agree. The UI for most of the app looks good but the navigation page lets it down. I would too would like to see a clearer UI and simpler navigation page. As you can load routes planned on Myroute web into Sygic I feel its fair to compare the two apps. The Sygic app is much clearer. However I still think that certain elements in the Sygic app could be made bigger. If you want real clarity then navigate using Sygic HUD display.  

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