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Waypoint onscreen notifications

It would be a great feature if when approaching a waypoint using MRA navigation app if we could choose to have an onscreen notification for specific waypoints - something like: 1 mile to WP 28 and then show the note that we may have chosen to write for WP 28, Perhaps it might read: War memorial on the left or St Mary's Church on the hill.  We would need to have a tick box to choose which WPs to include in these notifications. 

When planning a route, I quite often place a WP next to a war memorial or church or anything else that is interesting that I am likely to see during the route and rely on the little green WP dots that TomTom put on the screen when using an .itn route. I then have to make pen and paper notes for the tank bag.

In my eyes, this would be a great feature that would make MRA unique and standout from the crowd. 

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