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'Route Calculation Failed'

1: 'Route Calculation Failed' message seen if there is no phone signal,.I don't see why this should be so, the point of having downloaded maps is so it will work offline!

2: the 'Route Calculation Failed' message should give more detail;there are presumably multiple possible reasons for this failure, the user needs some clue as to what needs to be changed to have a chance of success.

Good Afternoon Gwallter, 

The route calculation failed message probably has something to do with a road being closed but there still being a waypoint placed on it. 

Have you made the route with the Garmin map on MyRoute-app? 

2. I agree, I have added this suggestion to the list of the developers. 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app

The route was planned on MyRoute-app and had been fine an hour earlier, the bike was parked in a phone dead spot so when calculation failed I moved (about 100m) to a good signal spot and the route calculation succeeded. I gather from your question that you do not expect the absence of phone signal to cause a problem. ----

I have just replicated the problem at home by screening the phone (airplane mode gives the same results):

1: reloading last route - no problem

2: reloading previous route - calculation fails

3: loading any other route - "An error occured while connecting with the server" as you would expect.

This highlights the need for:

1: more detail in the error message.

2: the ability to select some routes to be stored locally

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