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Security question

I am a new user with one "friend" we are planning our 2018 summer tour. I designed a route and shared it with my "friend" When i next visited my friend, we were looking at my planned route on his laptop. We drifted off into other things and followed a link to a facebook news story. When we clicked on the facebook link we were looking at my facebook page and we were logged in.

Remember, this is my friends PC and the only connection that PC had with me is that we had a tab open looking at a My Route that i had designed.

This suggests the My Route app shared my facebook credentials somehow.

Is this possible?

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Good Afternoon Steve Nicoll, 

No this would not be possible. 

I am unsure how the laptop logged in on your facebook on your friends laptop but if you log in to you are not automatically logged in to your Facebook as well. 

For example, if I were to take a brand new laptop, go to and log in to my account. Then open a new tab and go to Facebook I would still have to log in to my account. 

I will now close the forumpost to prevent other users from commenting on the forumpost with questions or suggestions not related to the original message.


Kind Regards,


Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.