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How to Move Routes from a Personal directory to a Group Directory

I have created a number of routes for a trip myself & some fellow car Enthusiasts are going to take from the UK to the Nuerburgring.

However, i originally created them in my personal routes folders.

I now want to move them t;

o the Group folders, but i cannot see any obvious way to do this.

I have now mastered the creation of Folders in my Personal space, which i have shared with a couple of car friends with whom i am organising this epic trip.

But I am a complete standstill as to how one can move or copy a route from ones personal routes to a Group Route.

The rulebook states:


  • Every group member can add his or her own routes, and view other's routes.
  • When adding a route to the group, a copy will be made which will remain available until it's delted. 
  • Deleting the route from the user's profile will have no influence on the route in the group.
  • After adding their route to the group, users won't be able to change the route name or delete the route.
  • Only group administrators can edit route names or delete routes.
  • If you want to edit a route in the group, click on '+ Use route', edit the route, and re-add it to the group. If desired, the 'old' route can be deleted by a group administrator.
  • All group members can use the existing folder structure.
  • Only administrators can create, edit or delete folders and move routes to (sub)folders.
so it looks like i have to "Re-create" each and every route i have created in my personal folders?

Hopefully not. if this is the case then please accept this as an enhancement request to allow moving &/or copying of routes from personal to Group folders.


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Hey guys i have just stumbled across how to do it.

here are the steps that might make for a good tip for others

1) select the group you want a route in

2) select routes from the upper menu bar

3) on the right hand New menu select Routes and a pop up will occur that is your personal routes which can be copied into the Group Folders.

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