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iPhone 7s Tom Tom go app

Hi I have a lap top windows computer with Tom Tom my drive installed I have an Apple iPhone 7s with Tom Tom my drive app and Tom Tom go app installed I also have My route-app installed on my iPhone 7s Can you please tell me how I can 1. Make routes on My route-app and transfer them to the Tom Tom go app on my iPhone 7s I have a My app gold trial that is about to expire and I would like to confirm that this is possible before I upgrade to Gold Thanks

I don't think you can upload routes to TomTom Go app (TomTom Go doesn't allow it).

You can with Sygic or Navigon apps.

You can get routes from MRA to TT MyDrive no problem but TomTom doesn't support syncing a MyDrive route with TT Go on IOS......

A fairly ridiculous omission by TomTom!!

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