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My drive app connectivity with TomTom go iPhone app

It does not appear to be possible to get the routes made on my route app to work in Tom Tom go app on iPhones as there is no interface to connect to Tom Tom go iPhone app . It is not possible to even get Tom Tom my drive to talk to Tom Tom go app on iPhone as Tom Tom have not enabled this . Has anyone else found a way of doing this . It would be a great feature to be able to use the iPhone to get driving directions

The restriction is wit TomTom Go app, it doesn't allow upload of routes.

you can use routes you've created in myroute-app within Sygic & Navigon navigation apps.

I use it with Sygic and there is a maximum of 48 way points. Make sure to add as many way points as you can as when you send the route to Sygic  with few way points it seems to reinterpret the route and send you on a different path. i.e. if you mapped out a nice back road with just a few waypoints once these are sent to Sygic, Sygic will work out the fastest (or whatever setting you have Sygic set to) route between those waypoints and ignore your route on the map in MRA.

I use navigon in iphone 6s can navigate fron my route app to mi app navigon at iphone?? Could I navigate directly from de app or maybe I muts send de route to app navigon and then upload de route or Why ?


In Myroute-app mobile select "Tracking", choose your desired route, then when it displays touch the Arrow/pointer in top right of screen. You will then get the option to open in Navigon & when you select Navigon it will open the Navigon app & load your chosen route into it.