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Review Navigating using Version 1.0.0 (17)

The UI in this latest version is so much better. I'm using an iPhone 8 Plus, in landscape mode, on a motorbike and non audio. The UI now is much less cluttered. Love the menu button bottom right. Top left direction box is brilliant, big and clear. Roundabout icon with exit number nice. Think the exit number could be a little bigger. My only real criticism is that I think the size and position of the Speed Limit and Speed could be improved. If both these were moved to the right side of the map, one above the other and made bigger it would make a clear and more readable interface. It would leave the bottom bar to accommodate Time to Go, Distance to Go and ETA all on one line.

On purpose I missed a turn and recalculation worked well.

Very much like the big menu icons. Very glove friendly.

I could not find a way to mute the sound. Maybe on the menu page next to the big red Exit button you could have a Mute On/Off button.

Hope my feedback helps.

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Sorry I have posted this in the wrong place. Should of cause be under IOS Navigation App

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