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Destinations v Shaping points - A solution if you would!

Well as I can't comment on the previous good post that we had on this I will start a new one!

Unlike the "GPX 1.0 save as" command the  "Save As GPX 1.1" command specifically adds into the file for Garmin waypoints whether it is a "Via Point" or a "Shaping Point"  - except it just puts Via Points at the begining and end of the route as required by Garmins as a minimum.

Can we have a one line command in the export code to check for a "#" sign at the begining of our typed waypoint description and if it's there have the code put a Via Point?

It would take about 30 seconds of coding time, wouldn't require any interface changes whatsoever and would help all of us who plan coffee stops and lunch stops. 

Pretty Please......!!!

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Actually, if you can code an option on the waypoint options to change the starting point of the route, or to skip a route point altogether, I would hope you could add the very basic requirement of being able to add a STOP to a route! 

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