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Automatically skip waypoint

Would it be possible to include an option to skip any waypoint that has already been passed? (ie behind the direction of travel). There could be a time dependant option to confirm that you still want to pass through that particular waypoint. This could help counteract loop-backs arising from the waypoint-on-the-wrong-carriageway-of-a-motorway problem or an enforced detour due to a road closure.

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Just to be a bit clearer, the time (or perhaps time + distance) option referred to in my previous suggestion should be to confirm whether or not you still wish to return to the waypoint that is now behind you. If you choose not to answer ‘yes’ within a preset amount of time (because doing so would entail 1) stopping, 2) removing a glove (so as to acknowledge through the waterproof membrane on the phone holder) 3) glove on and continue then the software should recalculate as if the waypoint never existed.

In the Garmin they have two different types of waypoints.  Waypoints and shaping points.  The shaping points help to create guidance that uses particular roadways.  So once you pass over them or past them on your travel they go away automatically.  Basically if the navigation device recognizes that you are in a position further along in your custom route, it will automatically skip any shaping points you have passed, and will continue navigating to upcoming waypoints or other shaping points.  Waypoints, however, you have to manually skip.  

This is a functionality I'm looking for in a navigation app for my phone.

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Hi Steve, Shaping points as you’ve described would absolutely do the job. At the point of creation, do you define which type of point it is?

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Hi Steve. There is a skip option. From the navigation screen select the 3 dots bottom right, you then have a skip button on the next screen - top right. This doesn’t solve the glove issue though.
I tried that but it didn’t seem to work. Also I had no idea how to tell it which waypoint or waypoints I was asking it to skip.
I’ve only used it when I’ve missed a WP and the app tries to send you back to ‘bag’ it. You get a dialogue box come up asking how many WPs you wish to skip. I’ve only ever selected 1 which seems to work ie it cancelled the missed WP.
Hi Varareco, I repeatedly tried exactly what you just described but it produced no result. Navigator still tried to get me to return through the offending waypoint which was behind me. It had also been inadvertently placed on the wrong side of the carriageway but that’s the point. It was behind me and I was progressing to the next one.
Mmm, not sure then Andrew. Surely if the WP was on the opposite carriageway it would have shown up in the route? It doesn’t help with you not being able to skip a WP though. Sorry, I don’t think I can help.
Yes the waypoint certainly showed up but I hadn’t noticed the error when I originally reviewed the route. I was just wondering if Navigator could intelligently work out when to stop trying to get me to turn back.

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I just wanted to comment that I used the Skip Waypoint functionality the other day.  But the problem with it was that when it goes to that mode the buttons and text get rather small and harder to hit while on the bike.  I would love to see those buttons come up sized better for being on the bike doing this.  Just some bigger buttons with larger text like the buttons on the slide out when you hit the 3 dots.  

Still not an optimal solution like a shaping waypoint, but its a step forward.  

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It would be good if it flashed up on screen: “SKIP THIS WP ..... Yes .....No
Hi Steve, I totally agree that the skip and obstacle buttons should be the size of the buttons in the extension screen and they could perhaps flash (I’m not a fan of flashing buttons though) but it still doesn’t address the problem that gloved fingers don’t reliably trigger touch screens through a waterproof membrane. So a stop would be necessary to respond and dismiss the on-screen button. An automatic time-out would allow you to proceed in the knowledge that eventually it will recalculate from your current position. If you know the waypoint was actually correct then you would either have to turn back and pass through it before the time-out limit was reached or stop and agree to retain it.
I also think that the user needs more feed back when trying to use the skip function. The user interface neither tells you which waypoint(s) are going to be skipped - the one behind you that you just missed or the next one(s) in the list. Nor does it confirm that something has actually happened so I cannot tell which one has actually been skipped.

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On my old garmin 550 if you missed a way point or took a wrong turn it would just direct you back on route to the next one without going back through the missed waypoint , can’t this be the easy answer ?
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