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Import gpx file to my route - Nav

How to import gpx file created by MyRoute-app or Tyre on windows pc to iPhone running the MyRoute - Nav app and have it navigate that route?

I found the link under Routes,  New ,  Routes(upload). I now have all the routes I created via Tyre within MyRoute-App. I did this on my PC. Now all handhelds running the MyRoute-App see those routes.

Next question - When exporting a route (I need to create a GPX file for my Harley nav), is there no option to choose the folder where your GPX file gets created, or will it always default to DOWNLOADS?

Hello to everybody, I type from Brasil.. If I download the harley davidson .gpx 1.1  file on my windows PC and then to a pen drive, the infortainment BoomBox is not recognizing the file.

If I download the same file on my ipad, sent it then via email to my own mailbox, then download the file on my same windows PC to the same pendrive, my infortainment BoomBox accepts the route. How can it be ?

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