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Offline Mode functionality

I have seen the recent update announcing Offline Mode but cannot find any details about it in any of the help forums. What is the functionality behind Offline Mode, how is this different to turning on airplane mode on your mobile and thus forcing the phone offline? Does the app do things differently? What functions are turned off? Thanks in advance.


Offline mode allows you to make sure all map-related features are used as if you were online, preventing lots of additional (mobile) data usage. This includes the visible maps, but also search and route calculation. Other convenient features, such as the synchronisation with your MyRoute-app account, keep working without any limitations.

The main difference with airplane mode is that in airplane mode, all network communication is blocked, which means you will also lose other online features (mainly synchronisation) and detecting your location may take longer due to less sensors being available.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Joris Pelgröm

Developer MyRoute-app

Hi, with the offline mode enabled does this disable traffic congestion delays or does it force the use of installed maps only only ?
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