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Discrepancy between planned routes

Recently I planned a simple route in MyRoute-app which I reviewed in detail before setting off. I was surprised to see that the same route in Navigation deviated in one or two subtle but annoying ways from the one I had planned which, if I had followed it would have led me into heavy, slow traffic instead of the shortcut I normally take. I enclose 2 screenshots of one of the regions, firstly as displayed in MyRoute (correct) then in Navigation (unnecessarily taking a longer route into heavy traffic). Are the route calculation algorithms not the same?

I add more waypoints to avoid this happening, especially if I use a shortcut that could conceivably be seen as a slower route.
Yes, that’s what I used to do when planning routes using TyreToTravel for export to Garmin Navigator 5s. I assumed that when it deviated from my planned route it was a discrepancy that occurred when Garmin reinterpreted my waypoints/routepoints. I was hoping that the MyRoute/Navigator combination wouldn’t suffer from the same problems.
MRA uses Garmin ‘Here’ mapping.
What’s MRA?

I have this problem as well and not good 

every route i make i have this problem

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