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Can not calculate route

Using a iPhone and Having made a test route in the MyRoute-app using just 4 waypoints, opening the route in navigation it says Can not calculate route no route possible between points The route dose work on my garmin Can anyone help thanks Dave

Similar problem here. On Navigation app I get a warning that says”can not calculate route- please disable offline mode or download the map of this region “. The offline has never been on and the map was already installed. I used it the day before with no issues.

Problem solved. There was something wrong in the route, although it looked ok on myrouteapp-WEB. I don't know what kind of error the route had, most likely a programming bug. I deleted the route and made a new one. Now it works!

Other routes were not affected by the "bug".

I had to turn off offline mode then I created a route for a group ride and the app wouldn’t start the route, I then had to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to work properly not happy with the app at the minute!!!
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