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BlueTooth Audio Channel Issue


I was keen to try using the Navigation app as my main satnav, but have a problem with instructions failing to be received on my Sena headset while there is an intercom link active.  I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem?  I have raised a support ticket on this and I have included this below in case it is helpful to anyone else with the same problem.


Support ticket:



I am considering replacing my BMW Nav V satnav with MyRoute Navigation running on my Android phone, but have run into a BlueTooth problem.


When I pair the phone with my Sena SMH5 headset navigation instructions do not override the intercom connection to my passenger's headset, therefore they are not heard.


Looking at the pairing information in Android there are phone and media options within the connection to my headset. When I disable the media connectivity then I cannot hear the navigation instructions. If instead I disable the phone option I can still hear the instructions. This means that the navigation instructions are being transmitted as media rather than phone audio.


The problem with this is that my headset (and I think it is the same for many others) prioritises phone connectivity above the intercom, but music/media is below the intercom.


Because the navigation instructions are output as media they are not able to override the intercom, so I will miss the audio instructions when using the intercom, which is all of the time when riding with a passenger.


Can you suggest any way to fix this. It is not possible to change the priorities in the headset.


Thank you

An update on this problem.


I have been able to definitely confirm that the Navigator app transmits audio via the BlueTooth Media Audio channel, and does not use the Phone Audio channel. As a result the navigation instructions will not override the intercom function on Sena headsets. which have a fixed channel priority, with Media Audio below the intercom and Phone Audio above the intercom.


I have installed an app called AudioBT Plus on my phone. This is specifically designed as a workaround for this problem and it appears that it re-routes Media Audio and outputs it as Phone Audio. With this enabled the Navigator app instructions now override the intercom for the duration of the instruction, and the intercom link is then restored.


Unfortunately there are drawbacks with using the AudioBT app, with the main problem being that the first part of any message re-routed in this way is lost. There are some further workarounds which may fix this, but can only be installed on a rooted Android installation so this is not an acceptable solution for me.


However, if BlueTooth audio can be re-routed in this way then it seems that MyRoute should be able to modify the navigator app to natively output audio via BlueTooth on the Phone Audio channel, or at least make this an option in the settings for those who need it. I hope you are able to do this, because unfortunately the product is not usable for me in the current form.

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