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Following route

I have a major problem that the navigation app will not follow the exact route that I have made in myroute app please see picture attached, I am using iPhone X latest iOS latest nav update

Are you using the Garmin Here map when you plan your route? Adding more waypoints may help too.

yes and when you add more waypoints they sometimes land off route causing the nav app to go off route I have done everything you have all suggested and it still goes wrong and I am not the only one who is talking about it 

Are you zooming in as far as you can to place the WP directly on the road? It is also better to place them away from junctions and roundabouts.

This is happening to me, too. It didn't used to. Garmin Zumo. When I click "go" it asks for the next waypoint. As usual, I put in the last one. But, it re-routes to the last waypoint and does not follow my custom route. I save the route as a gpx file on my computer, and drag it into my Garmin. Never could get the export function to work. Windows 10.

MyRouteApp is frustrating the ____ out of me. I am using a Garmin Zumo 595. Whether my route is 6 waypoints or 60, the result has been 20+ failures to follow the route I created. The overview map always seems correct, but after hitting start, things go wrong. When looking at the "details" list, every waypoint is listed in the order created. When one hits start, I have a choice of "the next destination" … which is only Beginning or End. I have never experienced anything close to what I'm experiencing trying to use MRA on my 595. Am I simply, totally missing something simple or …?

Is a workaround to export(save as) from myrouteapp as an ITN file, and then use ITN Converter to make a Garmin compatible file?  I don't use Garmin but found a similar problem with SYGIC GPS for Android - unless I zoomed in and placed my waypoint directly on the line (for the route) it would sometimes place it on the wrong side of the road (which then caused SYGIC to try to make me do U turns etc), or on a side street leading of nowhere...

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