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Off Road Questions.

Although I have the capability of setting the web app to off road mode and creating a map for myself...Works great by the way. There is no way for me to follow this map on the android device as it automatically wants to do a route calculate and that then stuffs up my route. Is there an off road setting on the Android app or at least a way of turning off auto route calculation?

In future it would be nice to be able to create a route in mixed mode where the route can be auto calculated to a specified way point and then swapped to off road mode and then at a later way point swapped back to auto calculated mode so that when one has a route which takes you on and off road that it can be saved as one route. 

Now that would kick the competition to the curb. 

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Had a further issue with the Android app this weekend. Although the web application mapping said that a gravel road was complete, and it is (I rode it this last weekend) the map on the Android phone sad that there was a break in the road. So once I loaded my route, the android app recalculated my route and caused an issue with trying to follow the route. Once again the ability to turn off the Auto Recalculate on the android app and the Web application and just to follow the route as per way point would have resolved this issue. 

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