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Create shortest route between waypoints

I tried to create a route connecting several waypoints. The MyRoute App offers two routes, similar to what Google Maps does. How do I select one of the other? I want to select the one that has the shortest route. 

(In the map shown in the attached screen shot, I want to remove the leg that I have put red x through)

(51.9 KB)

My preferred route requires a ferry crossing. By creating one map to the ferry embarkation point, and another from the ferry disembarkation point, I don't get the superfluous loop. Is there a setting to avoid/allow ferries?

In MRA Gold you can set to avoid ferries in the TomTom maps and Here maps but not in Google maps.

Google automatically chooses a ferry route if one is required. However, I have had it choose some very odd routes where a ferry is involved!

If you can see the ferry route you want on the map try a waypoint on the actual ferry track to see if it makes any difference. 

Thank you! I found another thread just a few minutes ago by searching for the word "ferry". :) And it said almost exactly what you just said.

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