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Exporting as Harley GPX 1.1 - Track shows loop instead of one way

I created a route that was a loop from my home, to a destination, and then back to my home.  Exported as HD GPX 1.1.  Imported the route and track to my HD.  Asked HD to use the track and found that going to Start or End both point to my home so it won't work.  So I copied the route in routeplanner.  Then deleted the returning waypoints, and saved as HD GPX 1.1 again.  Did the same thing to the original route, deleting the 1st half of the route.  Now in HD, when I choose the return route and navigate to the End (my home), the route it shows is a complete loop, taking me from my location to my home via some indeterminate route and the continuing back to where I am via my planned route.  Any ideas?

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