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Endless bursts of ‘Recalculating’

I have recently had a problem whilst navigating whereby the display endlessly starts to show bursts of ‘Recalculating’ and all the additional on-screen information (turn info, speed limit current speed, etc) disappear whilst the blue route line remains accurate and continues to show the bike’s progress. The app never recovers so only quitting and restarting will solve it. Andrew Bruce

Good Afternoon Andrew, 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

Can you perhaps make a ticket about this issue and forward the route where you had this happen? 

I hope to hear from you!

Kind regards, 

Anthony Fens

Customer support MyRoute-app

I have this issue constantly. Everytime if I go off route, eg quick stop at a restaurant, it happens. I need to quit the app go back on the road and reopen it for it to resume the route.
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