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Resuming a route after a stop (iOS version)

I seriously tested the Navigation app for the first time today. I found that when I stopped and used my phone, say for taking photos, when I reopened the app I had difficulty resuming with my route from where I was. It would open with the last instruction (in the top left square) stuck and no new voice prompts. I would then have to relaunch the app, losing my last position and then have to “skip” the points I have already done - not easy or satisfactory especially if you stopped between waypoints. Is there something I should do when I stop to resume where I was last? I really like the idea of carrying only one device, but it must be able to multi-task.

That used to happen to me some times but since I downloaded v1.07 it has not done it at all.

I am still on my 14 days free. I also stopped, used my phone for something else, then relaunch my route, and it  wanted to send me back 100km to where I started. Calimoto (which is a biker app) ask if you want to go back to the start or carry on from where you are, This  makes sense. 

Also I get no spoken directions in my head set ( Scala freeCOM 1). Again no problem with voice in Calimoto. I have already written today about that problem, and apparently I have had 4 replies, but god knows where they are ??.  I might get a reply to this, but I doubt I shall find it (them). till these issues are resolved, I shan't be buying in. 

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