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drop down menu misalignment

once logged in , when  first opening   the app ,  one starts  by  clicking on  the new  route  tab ,  

 A  drop  down  box appears  to name  your  route   and  suggest your  mode of transport etc ,  

   i  would suggest  there is  some sort of error  code in the programming  between   ROUTE-APP  and  Microsoft edge .  the curser   and  typing  functions   do not  line  up  correctly   within  the drop down  menu  box . the typing function only works   with the cursor   half inch  below  the  boxes  , the same   with   the  curser  attempting to click  on the drop down menu   box  for  changing mode of travel 

This   problem  does not occur  in the ROUTE-APP    via   Microsoft explorer  .  

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