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Route calculation failed AND app crash

I'm in deep problem at the moment since I'm heading off to Indonesia the 14th of June and my plan is to use MyRouteApp for 15 days in offline mode to drive through Java, Bali, Lombok, Komodo.

I've tested out the app home in Sweden, by importing gpx files from Tyre, and it works all fine. I've also made four routes for my Indonesia trip in Tyre that I've now imported to MyRouteApp. But when I try to open the routes it just says "route calculation failed". Although all the waypoints are on the road and linked to each other. Also if I try to open the routes via website with the route planner, there is no error message and it calculates the route. I've done some tests by picking random countries and made a short route and imported, all works fine. But as mentioned, as soon as it comes to Indonesia it won't calculate the route on phone app. Any Ideas?

Another problem is that the app has started crashing. First of all it started while trying to open a route, but now the app crashed immediately when trying to launch. I've already re-installed the app twice. No difference. Any ideas?

Hope you guys can help me out with this problem. Feeling the stress level as I'm leaving in a few days and currently don't have any navigation solution!
Thanks in advance!


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