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Exporting to Garmin

With Tyre being phased out (shortly after I bought a premium membership) I signed up for MyRoute and decided to test its Export feature with a nuvi 3590. The route in the GPS barely resembled the one I built in MyRoute and included backtracking from Waypoints regardless of using GPX 1.0 or 1.1. So I reverted to the tedious process of saving the route as a GPX file, importing it to Basecamp, recalculating, and sending it to Garmin. This way the route at least looked like what I had in mind, BUT, it saves the GPX file in Tyre, and Tyre is getting away from Google Maps. Short of loading up a route with Waypoints and risking having them end up in somebody's driveway  during Export, what are my options? Garmin will not continue a route without passing through a Waypoint.   

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