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Struggling to find out if this program will work for our club

I have been trying out the Gold edition on the 14 day trial, watching the youtube videos, searching through the forums, and I still can't tell if this program will do what we need for our car club. 

Here's what I would like to be able to do:

- Devise a scenic route to a destination

- Send the route to the club members to use on Google Maps

- Have them be able to get turn by turn directions on the specific route from Google Maps

- If they get off course, have the Nav get them back onto the route

Is this possible?



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No reply probably means this product can't do it. Does anyone know of another product that will work for this common use case for car clubs?

Hi Philip, I'm new to My Route but from my experience in the order of your original post:-

1. yes

2. yes

3. by saving as ITN file and using TYRE - go to print and you will get a turn by turn list.

4. depends on waypoints, if a waypoint is 'bypassed' the system will want to take you back to that wp before going on to the next. You will have to delete that waypoint on your unit to proceed unless you want to visit that wp.

Presumably a mod/dev will correct me if I'm wrong on this especially if there is an easier way for 3 above.

Cheers Chris

I've not seen a way of adding the route to gmaps for turn by turn instructions and for that matter re-route when they deviate.

Presumably car club members will be using mobile phones for navigation so why not suggest using myrouteapp navigation app for navigation that way you can create a group and all share routes. At 40euro for 3 years is pretty cheap for world mapping. 

I'm using TomTom Go mobile app that now allows loading tracks and routes. Slightly more expensive that MyRoute Nav but I already had TT Go running for way before MRN appeared on the scene. SO in 6 months I'll have to decide who to go with.

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