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View the line or Public routes from members when hover pointer over map icon

The location of users "public" routes is great, and shown by an icon on the map, but you have to click on each one to see where the route goes.

But some routes are short, some long and some circular, and there is no indication where these go until each icon is clicked on.

It would be really useful to see the line of each route, perhaps when zoomed in to a particular level, or when hovering mouse pointer over the icon.

For example, if I am looking for routes across the Alps, I can't see which routes might be useful from the icons only - I have to click on each one and open it, only to discover most of the time it doesn't go in the direction I need.

If I could hover the mouse over each icon and have it show the route outline I could instantly see where it goes and if it can be of use.

As more and more users add public routes the screen is in danger of being congested with icons, making clicking on each one, and remembering which ones you have clicked on, will become impractical.


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