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Placing waypoints on the map

A problem with just about every route planning/navigation is accurately placing waypoints.  Currently with MyRoute-App I have to zoom right in close to check the waypoint is on the road I want and not on a side road because when creating the route, the map was at a zoom level where the side road is not shown.

I would like to see a "snap to road" option for a waypoint, that snapped the waypoint to nearest road displayed on the map at the current zoom level.

This is very important, especially for TomTom Rider users, because if you don't hit a waypoint it will try and route you back ad infinitum, to stop this requires going into the current route menu system and instructing it to ignore the next stop.  Tedious!

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Agreed - although it's more TomTom being a PITA than anything else. Rider 2, urban Rider, etc allowed for that sort of thing......

I just finish my route and then click through the waypoints (which automatically zooms right in) and move them as necessary - making sure MRA doesn't rename them in the process.

Mildly tedious but not a deal breaker for me. Basic things like being able to add coffee stops as STOPS would be good for me!

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