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+ New Route Pop-Up Window Fault

When I use "+ New Route" on the menu bar, the window opens 

but the menus is out of sync.

ie, What name do you want to give the route ?

When you click on this to put in your description  nothing happens !

but if you align  you cursor with the end of the new route about 20mm below you can delete the new route and put in your own description.

The same happens on the "Privacy Mode" where the Public, Private, and Friends, option window opens, and also the "Mode" for Driving, Cycling and By Foot.  

And the same for Cancel and OK and also to close the window X

1 person has this problem

yes I have the same problem, can you fix this please as I'm unable to make an important route.

Thank you


Can you please provide more information about the browser and computer system you are using.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support

I am having the same problem  it will not let me name the route it will only let me click on the cross to come out of the route planner 

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